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Let me tell you something about phone sex numbers.  Not all are created equal and when it comes to pricing the sky is not the limit. With rates bouncing up and down the whole spectrum of marketing insanities, knowing which one to call can be a daunting experience.

The best phone sex numbers are cheaper than you might think

You might think that in phone sex, as much as in other industry, you get what you pay for, and in many instances, this is very true. There are exceptions to this rule though, none more so than what’s on offer at Debbie’s delicious website:

Pay her page a visit and see for yourself a selection of phone sex numbers  that are designed to give you, the caller, the very experience you are craving for.

If you are new to phone sex, then get yourself ready for a uniquely satisfying experience.

Here’s what Debbie has to say on this:

I am not saying phone sex is better than the real thing, but it definitely ranks a close second and there are things you can experience during a telephone conversation that go way beyond what you can do during a “real” one on one, body to body interaction.

Of course she is talking about the fact that because phone sex is all about fantasies, nothing is really too taboo to tackle.  That means that you can talk about whatever is on your mind and share your most secret desires with someone who not only will not be shocked by what turns you on, but will also very likely add her own spin to it.

Imagine picking up the phone and finally admit a fantasy you have kept for yourself for all your life. Imagine discovering that that fantasy you dared not share with anybody else is actually not at all unique and in fact most likely very common.

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